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Donia Chaiehloudj


Donia is a backend software engineer with 5 years of experience developing Go distributed systems in cloud environments. Having moved recently from the aerospatial field to a startup, she is building the camera of the metaverse by developing a social gaming app named Powder.

Before that, she graduated from electrical and industrial computer science with a special interest in image processing, which leads her now to explore the IoT features of Go.

Passionate by tech and people, Donia discovered tech communities, which motivated her to founding and organising the Google Developer Group Sophia-Antipolis. Striving for diversity, she is actively involved in a local women-in-tech organisation named WHAT06 running events to encourage girls students to close the gender gap and to make women in stem more visible.

TinyGo: Getting the upper hen

Do you want to combine your love for Go and a useful personal project? How about monitoring your hen house using TinyGo! With any microcontroller and a few materials, you will have enough horsepower to build a basic monitoring system and pamper your chickens.

Starting from only a basic understanding of TinyGo, learn how to:

Use the appropriate driver for your hardware
Retrieve data from a thermometer and humidity captor
Communicate with your microcontroller using wifi
Build a dashboard with temperature and humidity data
Check that your hens are doing well from your couch
And if you still do not want to adopt chickens, you can let your creativity talk and you will be able to build your own project using our favourite language.


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