Andrew Williams has over 15 years of commercial software development experience across a variety of programming languages and has been a core developer in large open source projects such as Enlightenment, EFL, Maven and Fyne. Since 2018 he has been focused on Go development and is working hard to apply the high quality design principles of mobile app development to cross-platform applications.

Andrew is the author of "Building Cross-Platform GUI Applications with Fyne" and "Hands-On GUI Application Development in Go" and is also the founder of the Fyne toolkit presented in this

The beauty of Go for building cross-platform graphical applications

Do you want to build slick graphical apps that install and run on all your devices? And do you want to do so using just Go code? This talk will show how to build a complete Fyne based application for desktop and mobile devices in under 100 lines of code - from start to app store upload!