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Matt Holt


Matt Holt (Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science, Brigham Young University) is a software engineer with special expertise in TLS deployment and automation. He is the author of several open source projects including Papa Parse, CertMagic, and the Caddy web server, which has been acclaimed as the gold standard of web servers by industry and academic experts for its automatic HTTPS features. He has presented these ideas around the globe as an invited speaker in France, Washington D.C., and other places. When he's not writing code with his bare hands, you can find him rock climbing, hiking, or bicycling.

The Asymmetry of Open Source: Sustaining Growing Open Source Projects

Go has a thriving open source ecosystem. But will it last? Open source projects are fundamentally unsustainable as they grow more popular and become used commercially. In this talk I draw upon my 10+ years of open source Go experience to share some thoughts, including practical suggestions, that may help inspire more sustainable open source projects.

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