Cory Lanou

Gopher Guides

Cory LaNou a full stack technologist who has specialized in start-ups for the last 20 years. Cory worked on the Core engineering team that contributes to InfluxDB, a highly scalable, distributed time series database written in Go. Cory has worked on several Go projects with a focus on profiling and optimizing applications, using advanced profiling concepts such as flame graphs and tracing profiles. Cory has created and led numerous Go workshops and training courses. He has several published online articles related to Go. Cory also helps lead and organizer several community technology meetups and mentors new developers. Cory is also a partner at Gopher Guides, the industry leader for Go training and conferences.

So you think you know Go?

If you’ve worked with Go for 2-3 years, you are probably thinking you know Go pretty well. Let’s test that theory as we walk through the “uh-huh” and “gotcha” moments that every Go developer should know.

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