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Marian Montagnino

Marian is a polyglot developer at Netflix coding in Java, Javascript and Go. While continuing to develop in other languages, Golang remains her favorite. She’s been coding in Go since 2014 within the media, beauty, and logistic industries and currently in cloud infrastructure at Netflix. Marian earned a dual BS degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY) and MS in Applied Mathematics from Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, NJ). She loves hiking, painting and reading books on religion, spirituality and science.

Reinventing the CLI with Go

The command line interface, CLI, is a text-based interface for human and computer interaction initially designed as a way of interacting with an operating system before the desktop graphical interface was invented. The command line interface, as we know it today, was in popular use in the 1960s until the graphical desktop interface a decade later. However, although most computer users are used to the graphical user interface and web, there’s been a resurgence of CLI development over the past five years. Popular and new use cases for the retro CLI vary, but its most popular usage is as an additional offering alongside a company’s API for increased platform usage and within cloud infrastructure development. In this talk, I will discuss what a CLI is, a breakdown of its anatomy, the philosophy and guidelines needed to build a successful CLI, and several different examples using Cobra and Termdash to spark the imagination.

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