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Roni Dover


Over the past two decades, Roni Dover was focused on incepting, building, and scaling great products including Torque, an IAC Control Plane, and CloudShell, a platform for 'as-a-service' provisioning of environments. Currently founded and building something new at

OpenTelemetry for Gophers

This talk is relevant to any Developer or DevOps practitioner seeking to understand how to use current observability technologies effectively.

Developer observability can help us write better code, improve the dev process and roll out more scalable and mature system capabilities. This session will explore practical ways in which OpenTelemetry combined with open-source tools such as Jaeger, Prometheus, and others can be integrated into the modern development stack.

Over the past two decades, I have come to appreciate that while the ecosystem to get a release out into production is fairly mature, getting information back from production and making it useful is something that Engineering teams often struggle with.

This talk is a culmination of the experience and work I’ve done creating Continuous Feedback. It is also loosely based on blog posts I’ve previously released on Medium (links below) and relies heavily on practices I’ve seen in multiple engineering groups

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