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Jeremy Saenz


Jeremy is an engineer at Synadia Communications, which currently maintains the NATS open source project. Jeremy has worked on many popular open source projects in the Go community: including Martini, Negroni, CLI, Gin and Inject. Previously Chief Product Officer at Kajabi, Jeremy enjoys wearing a bunch of hats and is passionate about nudging the software engineering industry forward.

NATS: A Next-gen Connective Fabric for your Go services

Building distributed systems is hard. Today’s organizations demand their applications be as flexible and resilient as possible. Whether it’s moving to the edge, supporting multi-cloud, multi-geo, or just getting everything to talk to each other properly - communication has been at the heart of these new challenges.

NATS is an open source project that aims to fundamentally improve the way services communicate with each other. In this talk, Jeremy will introduce the NATS ecosystem and the various communication patterns it supports. This session will be interactive and include some live coding shenanigans.

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