Alex Stockwell

Senior Security Engineer

Alex Stockwell Senior Security Engineer Dignity Health. Alex Stockwell is a career tinkerer who occasionally gets nostalgic about writing HTML in Notepad. He has worked in software development for 10+ years, with a security focus for most of it. While a staunch introvert, Alex loves participating in the broader technical community. He has presented at numerous conferences including CactusCon and SANS HackFest, and was a core team member orchestrating a CTF game at DEF CON 25 that drew over 300 players. He's currently working in security at Dignity Health, staying busy with a young family, and evangelizing Go to anyone who will listen.

Field Report: Building a game engine for 300 DEFCON hackers to smash

We had a vision: host a unique, immersive, capture-the-flag event at DEFCON. And incentives: a $10,000 grand prize motivating 300+ of the best hackers on the planet to win. Our challenge: build the game engine that would bring the vision to life, but also survive the onslaught. This is our story.

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