Alex Useche

Application Security Engineer, Trail of Bits

Alex is an Application Security Engineer at Trail of Bits with over 14 years of experience in the IT industry as a software developer, security engineer, and penetration tester. As a software developer, he has worked and architected mobile and web applications in a wide range of languages and frameworks, including .NET, Django, Objective C and Go. While his expertise is in application security, Alex also has experience conducting penetration tests of internal and external networks. In his previous position, Alex focused on IoT, mobile, and web penetration tests. Alex has a Bachelors in Information Technology and a Masters in Software Engineering. He has also conducted and published research on artificial intelligence technologies. Alex is actively working on Go security research and developing binary analysis tools with Rust.

Anatomy of a Gopher - Binary Analysis of Go Binaries

Go is everywhere these days (because Go is awesome). It is now common to find Go binaries embedded in IoT, Edge computing devices, and web assembly applications. We will show you what makes a Go binary different than a C binary, and how reverse engineers conduct binary analysis of Go applications.

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