COVID-19 Update

To Prospective GoWest attendees:

As you are all aware, there had been a lot of precautionary activity in the state of Utah as a result of the spread of COVID-19. As a conference sponsored by Forge Foundations Inc., we have consulted with the board about the state of the first Regional GoWest conference and other Forge Sponsored events. We have decided it best to be proactive in our conference prevention measures.

We are working with the Jordan Commons Megaplex venue to accommodate all changes. This may involve moving the dates of the conference to a later date. We do not have dates chosen, but will keep all concerned apprised of the changes. The dates will most likely be after the summer traveling season. 

We are opening window to request a refund for your ticket. This window closes 14 days after we announce the new conference dates. If you have purchased your tickets you will be notified by email of new dates. We will offer a full refund for anyone unable to attend the conference on the newly scheduled dates. This applies to conference and workshop.

Although we have started accepting speakers, we are far from ready to announce a schedule. We will continue announcing content and we will prioritize local speakers over international ones to prevent further spread of the virus. We are excited about this opportunity since this a goal of this conference is to highlight the incredible local talent.

If submitted speakers are unable to present at the later dates, we may re-open the cfp as needed.

We are 100% committed to providing an amazing conference and hope to see you all later this year!




GoWest Organizers

Derrick Laird and Miriah Peterson